How to Fix Recliner Handle Like a Pro without Effort?

If you have a broken recliner handle, don’t worry! In this article, we will guide you through identifying the problem with your recliner handle, provide common reasons for a broken handle, and give you a step-by-step guide on how to fix recliner handle for long-lasting use along with much more. You should feel fully equipped and confident to take on any recliner handle repair after reading this guide!

Identifying the Problem with Your Recliner Handle:

Before you start fixing your recliner handle, it’s essential to identify the problem. Several possible issues can cause a hold to break or become dysfunctional. 

  1. One common problem is a loose or detached handle, which can be solved by reattaching or tightening the screws or bolts.
  2. Another typical problem is a broken recliner mechanism. Should your recliner not lock into position or fail to recline, there may be an issue with the internal mechanism. For more precise instructions, consult the owner’s manual or get in touch with the maker of the recliner.
  3. Inspecting the recliner cable for any signs of damage is also helpful. If the cable is frayed or broken, it may need to be replaced. Remember to thoroughly examine your recliner handle to determine the precise issue before proceeding with any repairs.

Common Reasons for a Broken Recliner Handle:

Understanding the common reasons behind a broken recliner handle can help you prevent future issues and take appropriate action. 

  1. One primary cause is excessive force or rough handling. Pulling or pushing the handle excessively can strain the internal components, leading to breakage.
  2. Another reason is poor maintenance. Refrain from regularly cleaning and lubricating the recliner handle to prevent it from becoming stiff or jammed. Over time, this can make the handle challenging to operate or even break completely.
  3. Lastly, age and wear and tear play a significant role in the longevity of a recliner handle. Overextended use or exposure to extreme temperatures can weaken the materials, causing them to deteriorate and eventually break.

Now that we’ve gone through the common causes, let’s move on to the step-by-step guide to repair a recliner handle.

Understanding the Parts of a Recliner Handle:

Before attempting any repairs or replacements, it’s essential to familiarise yourself with the different parts of a recliner handle:

  • Handle Grip: The part of the handle you physically grasp to operate the recliner.
  • Release Lever: The lever or button on the handle that releases the recliner mechanism.
  • Cable: The cable connects the handle to the recliner’s internal mechanism, allowing it to recline or lock into place.
  • Mounting Plate: The plate that attaches the handle to the recliner’s frame or side.
  • Screws or Bolts: The fasteners are used to secure the handle and other components of the recliner.

By understanding the different parts of the recliner handle, you’ll better grasp how they work together and can quickly identify any issues during repair or replacement.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Fix Recliner Handle:

Repairing a recliner handle may seem intimidating initially, but with these simple steps, you’ll have your handle fixed quickly. Follow this guide to ensure a smooth and successful repair:

  1. Start by gathering the necessary tools. You may need a screwdriver, pliers, a replacement cable, lubricant, and a wrench.
  2. Next, find the bolts or screws holding the handle of the recliner in place. Take care to remove them using the proper tool.
  3. Examine the handle for any obvious damage or loose parts once it has been detached. Replace any broken parts or tighten any loose ones.
  4. If the handle operates well but the recliner does not proceed to the internal mechanism. For instructions on diagnosing and fixing the mechanism, go to the recliner’s handbook or get in touch with the manufacturer.
  5. If the cable is the problem, remove it from the handle and the recliner’s internal mechanism.
  6. Install the replacement cable following the manufacturer’s instructions, ensuring it is securely attached to the handle and the internal mechanism.
  7. Once the cable is in place, reattach the handle to the recliner using the screws or bolts.
  8. Test the recliner handle to ensure it functions smoothly. If needed, apply a small amount of lubricant to ensure proper operation.

With these instructions, you should be able to fix your recliner handle. That being said, you might want to replace the handle if you continue to have issues with it.

Tips and Tricks for Fixing a Recliner Handle:

While repairing a recliner handle may be straightforward, there are a few tips and tricks that can make the process even smoother:

  • To make sure you can swiftly reassemble the handle, take notes or photos as it’s being disassembled.
  • Use a magnetised screwdriver to prevent losing small screws or bolts during the repair process.
  • To make the recliner handle operate more smoothly, lubricate the joints and moving parts with a small amount of lubricant.
  • Regularly clean and maintain your recliner handle to prevent future issues and extend lifespan.
  • To ensure compatibility, make sure the replacement parts you order match the manufacturer’s specifications.

These tips and tricks can help you avoid common pitfalls and ensure a successful recliner handle repair. However, if the handle is beyond repair or the repair process seems too complex, consider replacing the recliner handle.

How to Replace a Recliner Handle Guide?

If your recliner handle is irreparable or you prefer a brand new one, replacing it is a viable option. Here’s how you can substitute a recliner handle:

  1. Start by identifying the exact model and type of your recliner handle. This information can usually be found in the recliner’s manual or the manufacturer’s website.
  2. Order a replacement handle that matches your recliner’s specifications.
  3. Once the replacement handle arrives, gather the necessary tools, including a screwdriver, pliers, and wrench.
  4. Detach the broken handle by removing the screws or bolts that secure it to the recliner.
  5. Install the new handle by following the manufacturer’s instructions. Ensure that it is securely attached and functioning correctly.
  6. Test the new handle to verify its functionality and adjust it if necessary.

Replacing a recliner handle is generally more straightforward than repairing one. It lets you start fresh with a new handle that satisfies your preferences and style.

Choosing the Right Materials for a Recliner Handle Repair:

When repairing a recliner handle, choosing suitable materials is crucial. Opting for high-quality replacements ensures durability and longevity. Here are a few considerations when selecting materials:

  • Replacement Cable: Look for a sturdy and flexible cable that matches the specifications of your original cable.
  • Screws or Bolts: Choose corrosion-resistant fasteners that match the size and threading of the originals.
  • Handle Grip: Select a comfortable and ergonomic grip that suits your preferences.

Investing in quality materials may require a slightly higher upfront cost. However, it will save you from frequent repairs and replacements in the long run, making it well worth the investment.

Troubleshooting Common Issues with a Recliner Handle:

You may encounter some common issues even after successfully repairing or replacing a recliner handle. Here are a few troubleshooting tips:

Double-check that all connections are secure and properly aligned if the recliner handle still doesn’t function correctly after repair or replacement. Confirm that the cable is perfectly threaded and not tangled or pinched within the recliner’s internal mechanism.

If the handle remains challenging to operate, try lubricating the moving parts. Applying a small amount of lubricant to the joints and pivot points of the handle can significantly improve its functionality.

If the recliner mechanism still malfunctions, it’s best to consult the manufacturer or a professional for further assistance. They can offer specialised guidance or recommend expert help to resolve the issue.

Maintaining a Recliner Handle for Long Lasting Use:

Proper maintenance is essential for ensuring the longevity of your recliner handle. By following these maintenance tips, you can prolong its lifespan:

  • Regularly clean the handle and remove any dirt or debris that may accumulate over time.
  • Apply a small amount of lubricant to the various moving parts of the handle to prevent stiffness or jamming.
  • Inspect the handle for any signs of damage or wear and tear. Address any issues promptly to avoid further complications.
  • Avoid exposing the handle to extreme temperatures or excessive force to minimise the risk of breakage.

You can enjoy your recliner handle for many years by incorporating these maintenance practices into your routine.

Finding a Professional to Fix a Recliner Handle:

If you encounter difficulties or prefer to avoid attempting the repair yourself, it’s always an excellent option to seek professional help. Here are a few tips for finding a reliable professional to fix your recliner handle:

  • Ask for recommendations from friends, family, or local furniture stores.
  • Look for professionals who specialise in furniture repairs or upholstery.
  • Check online directories or review platforms to find reputable service providers.
  • Request quotes from multiple professionals to compare prices and services.
  • Read customer reviews and testimonials to gauge the quality of work and customer satisfaction.

By choosing a trusted professional, you can ensure your recliner handle receives expert attention and repair.


A recliner handle replacement or repair is a simple project that can help you save time and money. For long-lasting use, keep in mind to precisely identify the issue, select appropriate materials, and perform routine maintenance on your chair handle.

You now have the knowledge to make an informed choice and take pleasure in your recliner’s comfort for many years to come, whether you choose to fix it yourself or hire a professional.


How can I prevent my recliner handle from breaking?

Avoid using too much effort, give your recliner handle regular maintenance and lubrication, and handle it carefully to prevent it from breaking.

Can I repair a recliner handle or do I need to become more experienced with repairs?

Yes, if you have some basic do-it-yourself abilities and follow this article’s step-by-step instructions, you can fix a recliner handle.  It can assist novices in properly repairing a damaged handle on their own.

How do I know if I need to replace my recliner handle?

It is advised to replace the handle entirely if it cannot be repaired or if the repair procedure appears too complicated. Furthermore, changing the grip is a good idea if you’d rather have a new one for aesthetic purposes.

Should I seek professional help to fix my recliner handle?

Yes, it is always possible to seek expert assistance if you have questions about the repair process, run into problems, or would just rather not do it yourself. They can offer specific expertise and abilities to guarantee a good repair.

How can I find replacement parts for my recliner handle?

Replacing parts for a recliner can be obtained from internet sellers, local furniture or repair companies, or by getting in touch with the chair’s maker. For compatibility, make sure the new parts adhere to the manufacturer’s standards.

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